Metamorphosis in 2018

     You know, it’s taken me a moment to get to get to this place in my life.  You know, the one where you finally realize what you’ve been doing wrong, and now you’re trying to figure out how to correct it, if it can be corrected. At least, with the way I second guess myself, you could say I think I’m at this place in my life.

     It never occurred to me what the real answer was when people would ask, “why aren’t you more popular as medium?” I just dismissed it as the cards weren’t in my favor, and I felt jaded from past experiences of feeling thwarted in whatever thing I was trying to accomplish. That’s such a negative perspective, for all the positivity I was trying to fill my life with.

     A lot has happened since that question was first asked, and I eventually stepped away from mediumship in my daily life because it just felt stale. The few readings I were doing didn’t feel fulfilled on my side, and I knew that it was also attracting clients who were very skeptical and also judgmental. As integrity plays a large role of what I do, it just felt more right to choose readings carefully and not do many than to push into too many bad readings.

     This last year has given me so much time for self-reflection and introspection, and it’s become clear to me that nothing else is going to make me as happy in my life as mediumship will. The gifts I was given in this lifetime can’t just lay wasted with my head buried in spreadsheets and emails and pushing paper. The joy I get from readings, the fulfillment of knowing that what comes through from Spirit is real and abundant and loving, makes me feel more alive and aware than anything I’ve done.

     The issue therein has not been the profession but the method of the profession. I needed to do something different in order to feel I am doing my part. So it occurred to me ways to forge a stronger bond between the younger generation of humans on this planet and spirituality, which is ironically what I’ve said I want to do for literally years. The internet. Interacting virtually with anyone and everyone to try and spread the healing and the love that comes with spirituality, and not just through readings as we know them.

     I have ideas in the works that will hopefully start a conversation, and eventually a community, that will help bring us closer together, no matter what age, race, or gender we are. I want to announce them all today, but since I can’t launch them all at once, I can’t!

     But, I can tell you two things. One is this blog, where I will be putting some rather controversial opinions out there so we can have a healthy discussion about them. The second in my new website launching at the post of this blog, and adding some modules for beginner meditation (later in January).

     What I can tell you about my ideas for 2018 are …. there are liiiiiiike 3 other things I am looking into doing this year, including video content, a Facebook group that will have weekly free readings to lucky participants, and more interactive social media presence. Hopefully these ideas have been planted enough to grow and take shape as the year begins!


     Also! For my Indiana clients, guess who’s coming to town in February?! Dates TBA, but currently thinking the first two weeks in February. Please email to be added to the distribution list to get updates on my Indiana announcements.