Letting It Out

     I’ve been trying to write a new blog entry since my first one, and I write, then I reread it and dislike it. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’ve written something like 3.5 blog entry posts that just sucked. And so, what I realized last night as I was staring frustratingly at my latest couple of paragraphs and listening to a Gary Vee keynote, I realized that there was a lot of ego in my way. What I was writing wasn’t coming from a place of humble sincerity, even if I could glean a bit here and there of things that really were powerful points. So I decided to sleep on it and see what happened today.

     So, here I am. And, as well as my trip planning for my working vacation to Indiana is going, it’s true that I am wrestling with manifesting the goals I have set before myself this year. So, here I am, stating my truths and setting my intention for the internet to see.

     I want to build a community online. I want the people who are trying to keep positivity at the forefront of their lives to band together because we need that. I want to share our views of spirituality, religion, life, whatever and be able to not hate each other for the differences we have, but love each other more for them. I want you all to talk to me, have a conversation, and try to learn from each other.

     I want to spread the idea that meditation should be a daily practice, and I want to educate people on spiritual wellness. I want to open up the dialogue for things that a lot of people may feel are taboo. Part of this includes finally starting a YouTube channel and posting there regularly.

     To be a medium and just to simply give individual readings and the occasional demonstration is not enough for me to feel fulfilled. And, that’s not to say that my clients aren’t amazing – they are – but I also know myself and that I need to include an array of different mediums (HA!) into my work for me to stay invested passionately.

      If you are reading this right now, I hope you’ll join me. It would be amazing if this network of people could bring new friends, new thoughts, and input from across the nation (or even the world?!).

     Lastly, if you are in Indiana and have had a reading with me before this next trip in February, I’d like to invite you to help me kick off my YouTube channel. I need 3 or 4 people who want to be interviewed about mediumship and their experience with it on camera. Please email me if you are interested!