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    A Lisa Williams Company
    June 2012 - January 2013

    I am a Spiritual Intuitive and Psychic Medium. I love to help people - that's what it really comes down to.

    The services I provide vary by client, being based on your personal energy and goals you wish to reach. I have been known to connect clients with their loved ones who have passed, guide clients back to their goals and even help them discover their aspirations, clear energy of people & places, and assist in creating the positive change many people seek. If you come to your appointment seeking a catalyst for a new or better life, I will help get you there!

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    Event Announcement: Auburn, Indiana

    Please join me! I would love to have your beautiful presence with me on Saturday, February 8th in Indiana!! Click the flyer to purchase tickets, or scroll to the ticket widget below!
    PLEASE NOTE: You may reserve tickets by emailing to pay the Presale price at the door!



    Hi friends!

    My has it been awhile since I've connected with you on this forum. My apologies! Moving to a completely new state, and diving head first into one of the largest cities in the country, really threw me for a loop! However, all I can say is I am blessed and that change, while not ever easy, always brings a greater good.

    Speaking on change...I have begun a massive update to my website. Small things for right now - tweaks and cosmetic facelifts...however, two major updates have occured. I am launching my first Monthly Newsletter at the end of November -- so feel free to stay updated by signing up on the right side of the page! The second is that I have revamped my biography because.....

    I will be announcing a few public demonstration events soon AND a new website where I will be featured in a group of 4-5 mediums. The Spirit Sisters will be launching our own website!! We have worked so hard and come so far that we now feel it is imperative we respect our development and share our abilities and talents with West Los Angeles!

    Love to you all!! Leave me some love...facebook, twitter, comments, whatever it is! <3