Mediumship is defined as the practice of mediating communication between spirits and humans. Spirits are the souls of humans, and it's that which make us divine beings. There are two main forms of mediumship: physical and mental. It is best practiced after raising one's vibration and opening chakras.

I work with mental mediumship, where I communicate with spirit using psychic senses. Before a reading, I prepare mentally by opening my chakras, slowing my breath, and asking for assistance in raising my vibrations. By doing this, I am allowing myself to open up to spirit to be used as a vessel of communication. 


Spirit communicates in many ways, and some mediums see or feel things others will not and vice versa. It varies by spirit for me, sometimes they send pictures in my mind and sometimes they make me emotionally feel a certain way. And that's not all! I've smelled things -- like perfume or cigarette smoke -- and other instances I can feel almost tangible presences. During readings, I usually describe the way in which they communicate with me.

I always request that my clients do not give me much information; the only thing I require prior to a reading is your name. It helps me to understand the true nature of the spirits coming through, and the messages they are giving me, by receiving information about their lives directly from them. This also helps clients to feel validation about the information I am receiving.

Just as a side note, physical mediumship happens when one or more senses are taken over and is witnessed by everyone present. I have participated in physical mediumship in the past, and it is a beautiful and enlightening experience. If you are interested in experiencing physical mediumship, go ahead and send an email and some resources can be provided for you.

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